Hi, I am Anna-ie

trainer & personal coach

I have a great passion for nutrition, sports, exercise and I’d love to help you on your way to a better version of yourself.

My story

I could be ashamed of the lifestyle I had before but I’m not, because this brought me to where I am today. Thanks to this I can understand and help you better.

From 0 to now

For years I thought I had been doing things right, but now I see that I didn’t get it at all. I tried many different diets without real consistency, drank more than was good for me, smoked a pack a day, and had no idea about nutrition. From little food (and also the wrong food) to over-eating, yo-yo effects and not knowing why I was experiencing continuous aches and pains due to lack of rest, poor nutrition and a hernia caused by incorrect movement.

After personal experience, education & courses I can proudly say, I get it!

I’m feeling good! I move because it’s good for me and in the way that I enjoy. Not for a particular physique but for how I feel and the positivity it brings. I wish that you too can enjoy life with a glass of wine, that you can go out for dinner without feeling guilty and that you’ll be able to move throughout your whole life in the way that suits you.

You will have to keep moving all your life, so make sure you have a good foundation by learning the movements well and getting to know your body through exercise & nutrition.