All respect for Anna-ie!
She has been a great help for me with sports and nutrition, also with working out at home (due Covid).
And we even had the time to exercise together in real life!
What else do you want! Recommended!
In the end, my mindset about food has mainly changed! I now, have a more balanced and better lifestyle.
Christianne van der Plas

Anna-ie is such a lovely person, very friendly and I felt truly heard and listened by her.
Not only was my session with her very helpful, it was obvious she had put in a great deal of time and research into my problem.
She had a good understanding of all the related topics to my health issues, and I had the best health overhaul
I have had in a very long time.
Anna-ie is very professional, as well as being a genuine and sincere person who knows her subject and goes all out to
provide excellent information, advice and care. It is my pleasure to fully recommend her.

Mats Johansson

I am happy with the personal touch! Anna-ie asks me every session how I’m doing, discusses pitfalls, gives tips and compliments, and shows interest in helping and realizing my goals. A very big thanks to all the motivation that helped me get to where I am today!
Annelotte Ruijs

Anna-ie keeps us motivated to exercise during our regular stay on the Costa.
The key words punctuality, flexibility, humor and most importantly: expertise are most suitable for her.

It’s amazing to have a varied morning work-out at a beautiful bay under great supervision.

Ellen & Pascal

Anna-ie will Tailor-make a class to suit your needs depending on your fitness level. I am very happy with my one-to-one classes.

Catherine Cunningham

I started my workout with Anna-ie nine months ago after having observed my wife’s enthusiasm working out with her.

She put together a three day workout program. Anna-ie is a keen observer, not hesitating to stop and correct me to improve posture, balance, exercise speed, and breathing techniques. She is incredibly focused, passionate and a motivating factor to expand and fine-tune my exercises. So, nine months later I found myself being able to physically work much harder and longer, and lift heavier objects without any back pain. A life changing experience….

Anton Schneider

Anna-ie is an exceptional trainer and a person which makes the training much easier and most importantly – enjoyable! I love how specific and motivating she provides me with the information I wasn’t aware of before. After each training session, I am left with a rush of endorphins and relaxed feelings, with a sense of accomplishment. I can clearly see how every week I am becoming fitter and with stronger stamina, therefore I am more motivated each week as I am actually seeing results and benefits of training and getting to know more about nutrition.

Karolina Bytautaitė

I have been working out with Anna-ie since March of 2020. In these last 9 months she has helped me tremendously with a lot of physical issues. For example, through her plan of balancing exercises I can now walk down stairs (had a bad accident) not perfect yet but I can do it! Her water aerobic program has given me my life back! I’ve blossomed into a free spirit in the water and my arms are toned! I have great respect for Anna-ie and would recommend her as a trainer. She is respectful, she listens, she knows when to push or not, she is not afraid to think out of the box and she has a beautiful smile that reflects her bubbly personality!

Lesia Boytchuk